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I've already switched over to the DermaPeptide and can feel the results. My friends all want to know where they can buy it and am only too happy to send them your way."

Best wishes, Barbara

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Dermafix MelanoDerm

clarifying & brightening

DermaFix MelanoDerm


This pigment reducing complex is a melanin antagonist - slowing down production of melanin pigments. Effectively lightens age spots and dark areas thanks to the inclusion of Sepiwhite MSH and natural amino acids. Meadowfoam seed oil provides natural moisturisation whilst watermelon extract protects skin cells against daily stress induced by UV light and free radicals. Finally Lacto-Ceramide enhances the synthesis of ceramides promoting natural skin regeneration. The end result - lighter, brighter more radiant skin.

MelanoDerm is a highly effective, active product and UKge may need to be adjusted to suit individual sensititivy until full tolerance level is achieved.

Available in a 50ml pump dispenser.

BenefitsHow to use


  • Lightens and brightens.
  • Fights destructive free radicals.
  • Skin aquires important protection from damaging ultra-violet rays.
  • Reduces pigmentation on a chemical level and also helps regulate the production of pigment granules.
  • Melanin antagonist.
  • Lightens age spots and dark areas while maintaining skin integrity.

How to Use:

  • Twice daily application on clean skin.
  • Be sure to follow with protection sunscreen especially during daytime application.


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