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I've already switched over to the DermaPeptide and can feel the results. My friends all want to know where they can buy it and am only too happy to send them your way."

Best wishes, Barbara

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Original Product - 110% Guaranteed dermafix
A revolutionary range of hand held needling devices designed to work in conjunction with DermaFix's specialist skin care products. Micro-needles¬Ě puncture the upper layers of the epidermis - creating pain free micro-channels - resulting in the production of increased collagen, elastin and growth factors by the body.

Once the epidermis has been breached, the active ingredients in your skin care products can reach into the depths of the skin exponentially more effectively than simple topical application, thereby assisting natural repairing of fine lines and wrinkles.

dermafix microneedling

DermaFix Skin Care Original Revitalising Toner
DermaFix M2 Microneedling Roller
The M2 roller allows for the exponential increase in penetration of active ingredients into the skin. For use on all areas of the body...
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